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(Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

It is the largest technical professional organization that aims to develop technology for the benefit of humanity. It has nearly half a million members and is behind most of the inventions and innovations in the world of technology and electricity.



The IEEE KKU Institute at King Khalid University is a student branch of the International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), as it was opened on 21-2-2019 in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the College of Engineering at King Khalid University. In this institute, electrical engineering students are provided with the necessary scientific skills that support the academic courses and the personal skills that support the building of the integrated engineering personality, which is in addition to the scientific skills of the electrical engineer, through the activities and programs offered by the IEEE KKU Institute, and for more details Click here


To be recognized globally for technical contributions to improving the conditions of the world


Social Responsibility

Enhancing community knowledge of engineering and technology fields

Professional programmes

Providing programs and activities for technical and career development

Engineering environment

Organizing competitions and providing a suitable engineering environment for members

Specializational skills

Support of academic scientific courses by practical applications

Latest Activities

Mandal engineering specialties
πŸ“ College of Engineering at KKU
πŸ—“οΈ Tuesday, 7 February 2023

Soft Skills and Functional Configuration
πŸ“ Abha Chamber of Commerce
πŸ—“οΈ Sunday, 5 February 2023

Relationship Management and Effective Communication
πŸ“ Ibn Rushd College at Abha
πŸ—“οΈ Thursday, 26 January 2023, Noon’s 12


Success Partners

Saudi Electricity Company
Saudi Council of Engineers
Electricol Engineering
IBN RUSHD College For Management Sciences


Dr.Muhammad Al Misfer

Prof.Muhammad Al Misfer

Dean of Engineering College

Dr.Abdullwasea Abas Baker Barnawi

Dr.Abdulwasa Bakr Abbas Barnawi

General Supervisor
Chairman Of Electrical Engineering Department



IEEE KKU (SB) Counsellor

Abdullah Ali Saeed Marwan

Abdullah Ali Saeed Marwan

Chair Of IEEE KKU (SB)

Mohammed Faiz Regan Almosfer

Mohammed Faiz Regan Almosfer

Vice chair

Faisal Turki Alqahtani

Faisal Turki Alqahtani


Abdulaziz Khalaf R. Alharbi

Abdulaziz Khalaf R. Alharbi


Dhafer Ali D. Al Shehri

Dhafer Ali D. Al Shehri


Gaida Saleh Alsharif

Ghaida Saleh Alsharef

Chair of Media and Communication